A First Look At Grammy Award Winner Rocky Gray’s Horror Anthology “10/31/16”

A new horror anthology from Red Letter Entertainment, Inc., 10/31/16 tells the story of a video tape given to a group of teens by a sinister Trick or Treater. This seemingly small action turns their Halloween into a living nightmare. After working on the scores for Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories (2016), The Barn (2016) and The Killing Floor: Uncovered (2014), two time Grammy Award winning musician and composer Rocky Gray has now turned the tables on his career, making his directorial debut with this creepy Halloween thriller, which is being executively produced by the award-winning Volumes of Blood director P.J. Starks. Check out the teaser trailer below:

The teaser trailer for 10/31/16 starts off with very Halloween-esque theme music and title sequence. This was honestly my favorite part of the fifty-five second clip. Then the camera pans around a table as several teenagers play with a Ouija board. All of them are dressed in their finest Halloween costumes. Each teen places two fingers on the game’s planchette as one of them sweetly asks,

“Are you a demon?”

As the hands pull away one at a time, the heart-shaped object sits in the middle of the game board. No one is touching it when the planchette jerks across board, landing on the ominous “Yes.” The tracking then rolls and readjusts, a bit of snowy static zapping across the blackened screen. When things focus and clear back up, a stark, stoic face appears in the darkness, just before the blocky, orange title glides through once again.

For an anthology, this teaser trailer does not show much. We know from the description that a group of teens (presumably the ones in this clip) come across a video tape in their Halloween travels and watch it. We get nothing of what’s on the tape or their reactions to watching it. Hopefully, we’ll get some more tidbits soon that will give us a better idea of what else is going on.


Keep an eye on the 10/31/16 Facebook page and the movie’s Twitter for the 411 on this upcoming horror flick. Be sure to check back with PopHorror to find out what we’ve figured out as we get more info!

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