There’s Still Time To Support Shawn C. Phillips and Lauren Francesca’s ‘Mistletoe Massacre’

We love holiday horror movies, don’t we? There’s just something extra scary (and exciting… go ahead, admit it) about having your traditional family time interrupted by some sort of bloody calamity. So you know you want to know more about Shawn C. Phillips and Lauren Francesca’s upcoming film, Mistletoe Massacre, don’t you?


Marion Callevero knows who’s naughty and nice as head of Human Resources, and has her guest list checked twice to host the company Christmas event. Someone very special is attending to reward, or punish the team, and gifts quickly turn to gore. This struggling staff has been invited to the party of the year, but no one will be returning home for the holidays!

As of this writing, there’s still 23 days left to support Mistletoe Massacre on the film’s IndieGoGo campaign. There are some cool perks, too, like signed posters, your picture or voice in the film, the ability to name a character, a piece of a screen used clothing, your own crazy death scene, and some fantastic producer’s credits. The flex goal has yet to be met, so if you’re a fan of Christmas slaughter, pop on over the campaign page and find out how you can help and get some cool stuff while you’re there!

About Shawn C. Phillips:

Shawn C Phillips started making short films in middle school, and created the very popular Don and Murph Show on YouTube. Shawn’s YouTube channel took off with his around the town Vlog style videos, DVD updates, and reviews. Shawn has a huge YouTube following and has become an indie film star! He has built up some amazing credits including starring in two films on the SyFy channel and moved into Directing feature films in 2021 with his first feature, Scream Bloody Murder, followed by Amityville Shark House, Amityville Karen, Amityville Bigfoot, Woods Witch and now Mistletoe Massacre.

About Lauren Francesca:

Lauren Francesca in an actress and social media personality and YouTube. She has over 2 million fans on her Facebook page and over 450,000 subscribers on her YouTube  She is know for her YouTube Channel, Iwantmylauren. She recently finished co-directing her first feature length horror film, Woods Witch, with Shawn C. Phillips and is teaming back up with Shawn for Mistletoe Massacre.

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