‘The Society’ (2019) Lets The Kids Run Wild

No parents, no curfew, no rules. Sounds absolutely idyllic from an adolescent standpoint. Social experiments are some of the scariest stuff out there. Couple hormones, social cliques, and an underdeveloped capacity to recognize danger and consequences, and you get Netflix’s new series, The Society. Not the Brian Yuzna body horror classic Society,  but it does have wealthy people in it. Sounds appealing, right?


Synopsis for Society

When teens find themselves in an alternate version of their upscale New England town sans parents, they have to find their own way. Aside from figuring out exactly what happened, they have to address all the boring adult stuff like laws that keep people from killing each other.

The cast includes: Rachel Keller (Legion), Kathryn Newton (Detective Pikachu), Alex Fitzalan (Slender Man), Kristine Froseth (Apostle), Sean Berdy (The Sandlot 2), Gideon Adlon (Blockers), Olivia DeJonge (The Visit), Alex MacNicoll (Transparent), Natasha Liu Bordizzo (The Greatest Showman), Jose Julian (Shameless), Salena Qureshi (The Brave), Jack Mulhern, and Grace Victoria Cox (Under the Dome).

The Society premiers on Netflix for a ten episode run on May 10. Are you interested in this? Do you planning on checking it out? We think it looks great so fingers crossed that it delivers a deliciously compelling story.

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Parents who were not film savvy and completely unprepared for choosing child appropriate viewing material were the catalyst that fueled my lifelong love affair with horror, exploitation, blaxploitation, low budget action, and pretty much anything that had to be turned off when my grandparents visited. I turned out okay for the most part, so how bad could all these films actually be?

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