Teddy Grennan’s ‘Wicked Games’ (2021): A Hell Of A Good Time! – Movie Review

Teddy Grennan, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors after last year’s amazing Ravage (2020 – our review), knocks it out of the park again with his new thriller, Wicked Games.


When Harley joins her new boyfriend for a long Halloween weekend at his country estate, they’re invaded by a band of masked freaks and forced to play a Wicked Game. To the intruders’ unpleasant surprise, Harley’s hard-boiled history has endowed her with a bag of tricks which give the game a surprise ending.

At the beginning of the film, Harley (Christine Spang: Succession TV series) and her boyfriend, Kiel (Markus Silbiger: Hell Fest), go to his country estate for a weekend away. He seems like a spoiled rich boy, while she seems a little rough around the edges, much to his delight. But that tough side will come in handy later when they are attacked, and she must fight for both of their lives. But who is really behind it all? The answer is more complicated than she could ever suspect.

To start off with, Wicked Games is a beautifully shot film. Despite the more gritty subject matter, it’s filmed through a glossy lens with as soft of a attention to detail as any art film.

As with Ravage, Teddy Grennan does a terrific job directing another strong female lead. Christine Spang portrays Harley with a combination of vulnerability and sheer tenacity. She cleverly inhabits this role of a woman that we admire more than like. The supporting actors do a great job as well, especially Michael Shenefelt (The Deuce) as Rhodes. It’s full of action and twists and turns. Gorehounds with delight in the realistic blood and gore special effects.

This is the type of film I just adore. Lower budget, unknown actors, brilliantly written, impeccably shot, and a thrill to watch. Wicked Games is a film everyone should track down and see now!


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