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William Malone’s ‘Scared to Death’ (1980) – Vinegar Syndrome 4k Restoration Blu-ray Review

We’re back with some more Vinegar Syndrome goodness! Let’s take a look at William Malone’s (Masters of Horror: The Fair-Haired Child – our retro review) 1980 film, Scared to Death, now restored back to health with a 4k restoration.   Scared to Death was directed by filmmaker William Malone (our interview) …

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‘Creature’ (1985): The Creative Forces Behind the Film


William Malone’s Creature is bound to draw comparisons to Alien or even Aliens, although this 1985 film has enough to set it apart. While the alien itself (or the “Creature”) does have some similar characteristics to the Alien Queen, it also has some distinguishing features. In fact, this creature can literally …

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William Malone’s ‘The Fair Haired Child:’ A Master of Horror Story – Retro Review

“Anything done out of love is beyond good and evil.” William Malone is truly a Master of Horror and has done some amazing stories with hypnotic visuals and soundtracks, like House on Haunted Hill (1999), FearDotCom (2002), Creature (1985) and episodes of Freddy’s Nightmares, as well as he memorable Parasomnia – one of …

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Interview With A ‘Master of Horror’ – William Malone

William Malone is a true Master of Horror and I am a personal fan of his creations. The style, creativity and conceptual combination of his work is pure genius. I was ecstatic when William agreed to do an interview with us, and I’m sure his fans will be eager to …

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‘Parasomnia’ (2008) Movie Review – From William Malone, A Master of Horror

“A Dark Fairy Tale.” Parasomnia is one of my favorite films. The blend of mechanics, twisted dreamscapes, obsession and psychological flaws that we, as humans, all have, combine in a symphony of delicious horror with an obvious creep factor on many levels in a glorious Steampunk style. Parasomnia has potential to become …

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