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Black History Month: Horror Edition – Interview with Writer and Creator, Comika Hartford

Comika Hartford

Comika Hartford is one of my favorite horror creators. She’s incredibly talented, smart, supportive, and super easy to chat with. She recently had time to catch up with me about her career, her favorite Black creators, and more for Black History Month: Horror Edition. PopHorror – It’s great to catch …

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Interview With ‘I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu’ Actress Maria Olsen

Last year, I had the honor of interviewing Maria Olsen, an awe-inspiring actress who has indeed excelled in her field. She is recognized worldwide for her outstanding achievements in the acting field for her 200+ roles, including in Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem (2012 – read our review here), I …

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WiHM Interview With ‘Her Dark Inheritance’ Author Meg Hafdahl

As we wrap up celebrating Women in Horror month, we’re reminded of all of the interviews we’ve done this month with so many kick ass women out there in various aspects in the horror genre. One of those women is Meg Hafdahl. She is the author of one of my …

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What Does A Horror Writer Look Like, Anyway?

Freaked Out Author Lori Safranek Gives Us A Glimpse Into The World Of Woman Behind The Pen I don’t look like Stephen King. His is the face most people think of when you say “horror writer.” Delightfully craggy, that slightly menacing smile, those eyes that hint at madness. He’s the …

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WiHM Interview With ‘The Witchy Stitcher’s’ Meg Black

I believe there are diverse creative outlets for horror. About a year ago, I discovered cross stitch patterns designed by Meg Black, The Witchy Stitcher. Cross stitch is another passion of mine, and I have been stitching on and off for well over over twenty years. Meg’s patterns are for …

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WiHM Interview With ‘Freaked Out’ Series Author Lori Safranek

Women in Horror Month showcases and celebrates women involved in and creating all things horror. As a writer, I am drawn to women authors, in particular, those who write horror. It is believed, within the community, that this is still a male-dominated genre. There is so much talent out there, …

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Women in Horror Month 2019: Interview with Mi Chelle Nessk

Michelle Nessk

Mi Chelle Nessk is one of my favorite horror ghouls on the planet. She is truly of a kind and incredibly sweet with a sensational craving for everything horror. Since I didn’t interview her last year for Women in Horror month, I knew this year was a must. Learn more …

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Women in Horror Month 2019: Interview with Kaci Hansen – The Homicidal Homemaker

Kaci Hansen - The Homicidal Homemaker

One of girl horror crushes is hands down Kaci Hansen who is best known as The Homicidal Homemaker. From her style to her horrifyingly delicious food, she just weasels her way to in my cold black heart. That is why I was honored to chat with Kaci for Women in …

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Interview With PopHorror’s Own Tori Danielle

In celebration for her 800th (!) article in less than two years since the inception of PopHorror, I decided it was about time to get the skinny on Miss Tori Danielle, the co-owner and head writer of the site that you are now visiting. Although she’s pretty humble, I was …

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Interview With the Stunning Najarra Townsend, Star of ‘Contracted’

This February was an amazing Women in Horror Month! We got to honor and showcase so many talented women in the industry. Although it’s technically over, I can’t help keeping the celebration going by sharing my interview with the awesomely talented Najarra Townsend. I loved her in Contracted (2013) and this …

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