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Jessie V. Johnson’s ‘HELL HATH NO FURY’ (2021) Coming To Blu-ray and DVD Soon

Hell hath No Fury

Jessie V. Johnson (The Last Sentinel)’s Hell Hath No Fury is in theaters and available on-demand now.  The all new action-thriller from Well Go USA is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. Check out the trailer below, then read on for the details! HELL HATH NO FURY Synopsis HELL HATH …

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Well Go USA Lands North American Rights To Jesse V. Johnson’s ‘HELL HATH NO FURY’ (2021)

Hell Hath No Fury (2021)

Well Go USA Entertainments sends word they’ve acquired the North American Rights to Jesse V. Johnson’s World War II Pic HELL HATH NO FURY. This one looks to have it all — thrills, chills, and best of all: Nazi gold! Read on for the details! From The HELL HATH NO …

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Movie Review – ‘Soldier of War’ AKA ‘Aux’ (2019)

On paper and poster, Soldier of War is what you’d get if an author like Robert McCammon wrote First Blood.  An undead vet who doesn’t know World War II is over wages guerrilla war on the local police with a knife and sticks. In execution, it’s not quite the sum of …

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