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Rhode Island Comic Con 2022 Was Perfect Insanity – Event Review

It’s after Halloween but before Christmas, horror fam. You know what that means… it’s time for Rhode Island Comic Con! Celebrating their tenth year and happening through Altered Reality Entertainment and Cardi’s Furniture, this year’s event was a big one, with a ton of celebs, artists, writers, wrestlers, photo ops, …

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A Look Back At The CGI Sci-Fi Horror Class Of 2000

Over the years, CGI has received a lot of negativity from the horror community. The replacement of practical gore and special effects has been part of the film industry for over 30 years now. Things we take for granted like the MCU would be nothing more than a dream without …

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Rings (2017) – Movie Review

Man, millennials just can’t catch a break, can they? From demons and ghosts coming out of their wifi to prank phone calls, it’s getting pretty tough to be a technologically savvy twenty-something in a horror movie. In Rings, the struggle doesn’t get any easier. Releasing February 3rd, 2017, fifteen years …

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