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WiHM 2020: Interview with The Superghoul herself, Christal VanEtten

Christal VanEtten

I’m always a cheerleader for anyone in the horror community especially women in horror. One of the ghouls who I think deserves the most credit is hands down, Christal VanEtten aka The Superghoul. She creates such amazing content, is a diehard supporter of the horror community, and is an inspiration …

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Horror Pride Month Interview: Director Michelle Nessk

Michelle Nessk

I’ve mentioned before that Michelle Nessk is one of my favorite horror ghouls on this planet and yes… that still remains true. Although we’ve done interviews before this is a special one since it’s for Horror Pride Month. Michelle Nessk is very vocal in the horror community about representation and …

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Details for the Sixth Installment to ‘Horrors of the PNW’

Horrors of the PNW

Gloomy Sunday Productions is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the sixth installment to Horrors of the PNW. The film anthology series pays tribute to indie filmmakers with debuts screening at Crypticon Seattle every year and is hosted by Zee Monsta, hostess persona by Michelle Nessk. The new installment …

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WiHM 2018 Interview with Filmmaker Tonjia Atomic

Tonjia Atomic

I haven’t known Tonjia Atomic for long, but everyone is always raving about her talent and how supportive she is of women in the industry. She is a force to be reckoned with in the horror community and after this interview, you’ll know why. Learn about how she got involved …

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