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Dan Wilder’s ‘Mercury Screams’ (2018) Horror Short Review

I absolutely love horror shorts. They’re like bite-sized chunks of terror that deliver a pitiless punch in just a fraction of the time a full length genre film. But, because of their short time frame, the filmmaker is usually limited as to what they can actually touch upon. However, in …

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Horror Short Review: ‘American Virus’ (2015)

American Virus

When someone pops up in the entertainment industry with a famous family member, you have a level of expectation for them. Fair or not, depending on the level of ability of the family member, that bar is therefore set for that sibling, offspring, etc. Kathryn Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s daughter, wrote …

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‘Nite Nite’ (2017) – What’s Hiding In YOUR Closet?

It’s getting late, and your babysitter is trying to get you to go to bed. She has stuff to do, like raid your fridge and talk about boys on your parent’s cordless phone. She certainly doesn’t have time to play your Monster in the Closet games. She might want to …

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PopHorror Interviews Troy Escamilla, Director of Party Night and Fright Meter Awards President

There are so many great indie directors in the horror industry right now – you can just feel their passion for the genre shining through in their work. They live it, breathe it, and believe in it. This can certainly be said about Troy Escamilla, the director of the goretastic slasher, Party Night. He’s …

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Party Night (2017): Blood, Gore, and More… Oh My!

Slashers are always a beloved favorite among horror fans because they have plenty of blood, gore, and sex… I mean, what’s not love? Party Night (2017) delivers a modern day slasher story that’s a blood-splattered love letter to ’80s horror films. But did it succeed at creating an homage to …

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