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Dark Skies Acquires The Rights To Pandemic Thriller, ‘Before the Fire’ (2020)

Dark Skies Media announced that it has acquired the distribution rights to the new pandemic thriller directed by Charlie Buhler called Before the Fire (2020). The film stars Jenna Lyng Adams (Uncle John), Jackson Davis (The Basement), Ryan Vigilant (Affluenza), Charles Hubbell (Memorial Day), Dakota Morrissiey (Mister White), and Tim Driscoll …

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Tim Driscoll’s ‘The Itch’ (2017) – Short Film Review

Sitting outside on a summer day can be one of the nicest, most relaxing ways to spend and afternoon. The sun shines on your face, the breeze cools your brow, and the birdsong lulls you to complacency. But what about the bugs? In Timothy Ryan Driscoll’s short, The Itch, one man …

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