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Find Yourself With Staten Cousins Roe’s ‘A Serial Killer’s Guide To Life’ – Movie Review

I’ve always found something darkly narcissistic about the culture of self-help, manifesting, and life-coaching. All of this constant exploration of self, self, self has to affect how you see other people, and taking to heart what the universe owes you sounds like a God Complex. It’s these dark instincts that …

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All Stephen King Books, Ranked by Decade: 1974-1980

Master of Horror author Stephen King is the end all and be all for many genre lovers when they feel it’s time to sit back, relax and grab something terrifying to read. However, not all of King’s books are created equal. Believe it or not, some are better than others. …

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Top 10 David Cronenberg Films

It’s impossible to discuss independent filmmaking without bringing up David Cronenberg. The Canadian director – who turned 73 this year on March 15th – has been showcasing his bizarre outlook onto celluloid for half a century now, starting with the short film Transfer in 1966. As one of the world’s most fascinating …

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