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‘A God Without a Universe,’ ‘Satan Claus,’ ‘Folies Meurtrières’ Coming To Home Video From TetroVideo

The disturbing drama/horror film, A God Without a Universe (2015) directed by Kasper Juhl, the Christmas slasher/horror film, Satan Claus (1996) directed by Massimiliano Cerchi, and the French slasher film, Folies Meurtrières (1984) directed by Antoine Pellissier, are now available on DVD via TetroVideo. A God Without a Universe comes …

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‘Mai-chan’s Daily Life,’ ‘Vore Gore,’ and ‘ROT’ Are Coming To Home Video Via TetroVideo This July

With all the releases coming out, 2021 has become a great year for movie fans, especially after last year, a hard time for us all. TetroVideo is releasing many titles worth watching for horror fans who may be interested in a new look at a genre they’re all familiar with. …

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