Short Film Review: ‘Met@slash’ (2018)

Met@slash is a short film, just under four minutes long. I know I say this quite often, but I am always surprised at how people can make effective films that are so short. I have become a super fan of short films and am always looking to review them. This film pays homage to the classic slasher flick while incorporating the technology of the current times. Plus, there’s many horror references to boot! How does this film play out? Read on to find out!

Film Still from Met@slash


Met@slash Synopsis: 

Friday night, a boy is home alone, scrolling through his social media. A killer is on the loose. Will he survive?

Film Still from Met@slash

My Thoughts: 

Sotiris Petridis’ film has so many horror references, I’m sure that it would take a few more watches for me to catch them all. The story is simple. Alone at home on a Friday night (the 13th, natch), a young man is scrolling through his social media. There’s a killer is on on the loose. Will he survive? You need to watch the film to find out!

I love the emoji face killer concept used in Met@slash. The film is just bursting with all kinds of popular horror mentions… it’s insane! I also enjoyed the way it portrayed how social media is such a big part of our lives now and the repercussions of how we use social media and the internet. The only dialogue in the film is from actor Leslie Vernon himself Nathan Baesel (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), from a video on his social media page. But the silence works, and the film has a score that exudes ’80s slashers, working so very well with this story.

Final Thoughts: 

Met@slash is slashy goodness! The emoji face killer concept, along with the inclusion of social media and the internet, is perfect. Be sure to check it out below. Let us know what you think in the comments! Stay tuned to PopHorror for all your news, reviews, interviews and much more!

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