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Fantastic Fest 2019 Movie Review: ‘Blood Machines’ Is A Synthy, Feverish Space Adventure

There’s something about synth music… the low, humming electronic tones immediately rocket the listener into the future. Not only the future, but the dreams of people living in the future. The music feels otherworldly, powering the films of John Carpenter, the music of Kielen King, and now the new 50-minute …

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PopHorror Interviews Horror Musician Lapses AKA Matt Cannon

Recently, I got the opportunity to speak with the horror-influenced musical act, Lapses. Matt Cannon, the man behind of Lapses, creates music with a horror theme, and is currently working on scoring the upcoming Todd Sheets film, Bonehill Road. We touched on everything from Bonehill Road to his influences to how much …

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