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‘Leprechaun Returns’ is Now Available to Rent and Buy!

SyFy surprised horror fans everywhere a while back by announcing a sequel to 1993’s Leprechaun called Leprechaun Returns, picking up 25 years after the original film. We brought you the news of the official poster and release date a few weeks back. And now it’s available for you to watch via Video On demand and …

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‘Leprechaun’ Sequel ‘Leprechaun Returns’ Coming In 2019!

Leprechaun Reteurns

Surprise sequels are all the rage these days. Films like The Cloverfield Paradox and Victor Crowley have been pretty much appearing out of thin air to the shock and delight of genre fans everywhere. Next up? A sequel to 1993’s Leprechaun from SyFy called Leprechaun Returns! What? No, really! The …

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