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‘Agony’ Spinoff, ‘Succubus,’ Gets New Trailer

Madmind Studios, the developers behind horror game Agony, have released a new trailer for the game’s upcoming spin-off, Succubus. This new title follows the main character from the first game as they’ve become the succubus, Vydija. The trailer shows off a new enemy type for the game, the cherub. While …

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‘Lylith & Mara: Sisters of the Dark’ Comic Review

There have been so many origin stories about vampires, but writer/artistJason Dube’s take on it is a unique. His story, told in comic book form, is about twin sisters Lylith & Mara. They’re half human and half demon and eventually become the first vampire and first succubus in Lylith & Mara: …

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SiREN: V/H/S Spin-Off Surprise – Movie Review

Anyone familiar with the 2012 anthology horror film, V/H/S, knows that each short story leaves enough detail shrouded in mystery to warrant a full-length feature adaptation. With so many mixed reviews, the real question is do we want to see one? This was put to the test earlier this month …

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