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Tod Browning’s ‘FREAKS’ and the Stormy Skies of Mob Justice


“Freaks” is an abnormal-yet-lovable 1932 American pre-code dramatic horror film directed by Tod Browning, based on Spurs, a 1923 story by Tod Robbins. The film tells the story of a group of circus performers, often referred to as “freaks,” and explores themes of acceptance, solidarity, and the consequences of cruelty. Much …

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The Lighthouse (2016) – 19th Century Movie Review

Based on actual events taking place in 1801, The Lighthouse is about two men, Thomas Griffiths (Mark Lewis Jones) and Thomas Howell (Michael Jibson), who are sent to man a lighthouse on Smalls Island, 25 miles off the Welsh coast in the Irish Sea. They are given food and provisions, but …

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