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‘The Bliss’ (2018) Short Film Review

Underground cult filmmaker James Bell has been knocking out some cool, surreal low budget films to grace this toilet earth lately. Hailing from Michigan, Bell has an endless number of horror shorts under his belt, including Nutsack, Phantom Of The Demon, Manuer, Lucifer’s Cosmonauts, Tantrum and Dog Dick. Let’s not …

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South Mill District (2018) Short Film Review

South Mill District takes place on earth after an alien war has pretty much destroyed humanity. The people that are left are remnants of Eon Corporation’s experiments, a company that created a disease called the Havoc Strain that turns humans into hosts for a deadly, mutated spider virus. Joe Meredith …

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Joe Meredith’s Film ‘South Mill District’ Coming in Early 2018

Artist Joe Meredith has done some impressive cover art work for a number of genre releases, including covers for films by Phil Stevens such as The Lung movies and the upcoming Paradis. He has done movie covers for Yan Kaos, Harry Collins’ The Sideling Hill and, most recently, Frames Of Fear 3. …

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