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Terror Films Adds 10 New Horror Flicks To The Streaming Platform Crackle!

Terror Films

It appears that streaming platforms are the way to go, especially if you love a certain genre or TV series. There’s the ever popular Shudder, plus Midnight Pulp, Screambox, and FrightPix. Now, Terror Films has signed up with one called Crackle where fans can see 1o films from the distribution …

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: ‘Slayed’ (2020) Movie Review

It’s once again time for some holiday horror, PopHorror fam! For this installment, we have the Terror Films’ Christmas slasher, Slayed, from the folks over at Code 3 Films. You may remember them from our reviews of Massacre On Aisle 12 (2016 – read the review here) and 6:66PM (2017 …

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Ho, Ho, Ho: Exclusive Clip for Christmas Horror ‘SLAYED’ From Terror Films


TERROR FILMS is set to release Jim Klock’s Christmas themed horror film SLAYED, just in time for the holidays. Check out this awesome exclusive clip for the film along with other details about it down below! Klock, who recently starred in Secrets in the Woods, centrally stars in the film. …

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Interview With ‘Slayed’ Directors Jim Klock And Mike Capozzi

Yes, I’m talking about Massacre On Aisle 12 (2016 – read our review here) again. I can’t help it. This time, I’m talking to the film’s director, Jim Klock, who has just announced a new holiday horror film called Slayed, which was co-directed by him and Filmmaker Mike Capozzi. I was honored …

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