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Screamfest 2020 Review: ‘A Ghost Waits’ A Perfect Romantic Comedy

A Ghost Waits

If you love a little romance with your spooky vibes, A Ghost Waits is for you! This film recently premiered at Screamfest 2020 and won the best actor, director, and picture at Frightfest 2020! This was the directorial debut for Adam Stovall and he created movie magic with a remarkable …

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Screamfest 2020 Review: ‘Init!ation’ is A Killer Good Time!


I’m stoked to help cover Screamfest 2020 this year. First up on my list is the new slasher, Init!ation. You can rarely go wrong with a bloody slasher, so I had high hopes for this one! This film was directed by John Berardo as well as written by himself, Lindsay LaVanchy, …

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