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Arrow Video/Arrow Academy October Release Schedule

Arrow Video / Arrow Academy

Arrow Video U.S. and Arrow Academy U.S. have no less than FIVE genre/cult films on their October release schedule. These titles range from Italian horror to raucous comedy to sci-fi to drama. Like every month, they’ve got a little something for everyone! The slate is headlined by the Bruce Willis/Brad …

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Spider Baby, The Maddest Story Ever Told – Lon Chaney Jr, Sid Haig, and the Beauty of Schlock and Insanity

On Christmas Eve 1967, Jack Hill’s Spider Baby, The Maddest Story Ever Told (AKA Cannibal Orgy, The Maddest Story Ever Told) introduced us to the delightfully demented Merrye family. Elizabeth, Virginia, and Ralph are the last members of a wealthy, reclusive, and horribly inbred family cursed with a disease that …

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Retro Review – JAWS 5: CRUEL JAWS (1995)

You’d be surprised at the amount of crap you can find on YouTube. It’s like having the world’s trashiest video store right at your fingertips – and I’m talkin’ full movies here, folks, not just lame videos uploaded by Joe Average. That’s where I stumbled upon Jaws 5: Cruel Jaws. …

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