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Ryûhei Kitamura’s ‘Downrange’ (2018) – A Spoiler-y Review

Alexa Yeames in Downrange

Picture this: you’re driving in the middle of nowhere and your tire suddenly blows out. To make matters worse, there’s a sniper hiding in the trees, trying to kill you. What do you do? It’s a very frightening thing to imagine, and it’s the topic of discussion for the film, …

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Cinepocalypse 2017 Presents: ‘Downrange’ – A Ruthless Bloodbath


Cinepocalypse 2017 has an amazing lineup this year and everyone should check it out. First up on my list is the intense thriller Downrange, which is premiering at Cinepocalypse on November 4th. Can you imagine being stuck out in the middle of nowhere and getting shot at from a distance? Downrange …

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