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Richard Tanner Assaults Your Eyeballs In ‘Mother Noose Presents: Once Upon A Nightmare’ (2020)

Let me start by saying that Mother Noose Presents: Once Upon A Nightmare is in no way connected to the alleged plagiarist and disgraced Michael Darkone’s project of very similar title, which was recently the cause of so much industry angst. Now that I’ve got that off my chest… Richard …

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FrankenThug (2018): A First Look

Richard Tanner directed one of the few found footage films that I genuinely love, Room For Rent (read our review here). Ever since seeing that film, I’ve been anxiously awaiting Tanner’s latest project. Recently, he announced the horror comedy FrankenThug, which looks like it will be an absolute blast. From A Buck …

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Room for Rent (2016) Movie Review

I have never cared much for found footage films, at least not until recently when I reviewed Wekufe: Origin of Evil (2016). I’ve started to realize that found footage, if done right, can add a whole new level of connection to the characters, sometimes making you feel as if you …

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