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PopHorror Interviews Brian Hanson and Richard Handley from ‘The Black String’

The Black String

I was lucky enough to recently watch The Black String (read our review – here) for a festival and loved it. It was everything a horror-thriller should be. So, when I got the opportunity to interview the creators behind this crazy film, Brian Hanson and Richard Handley, I couldn’t wait …

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‘The Black String’ (2018) Dangles An Erotic Ride – Movie Review

The Black String is a haunting 2018 horror film that combines the paranormal, cults, and the fears of sex. Erotic thrillers have been around since time began, but David Cronenberg popularized them in the ’70s with hits like Shivers (1975) and Rabid (1977), which spotlighted the true dangers of contamination …

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