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Willard (2003): A Man and His Rats Craft Rollicking Revenge


Unfortunately, Glen Morgan’s Willard seems a bit underrated. Then again, that surely fits the theme and overall feel of the story itself. Willard Stiles (Crispin Glover) is constantly mocked and humiliated by his life at home, and at work. Made into a misfit and the butt of life’s joke, Willard’s main …

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David Fincher’s ‘SEVEN’ (1995): Still Sinfully Sinister 25 Years Later

Seven (1995)

Because they imbue you with a sense of shock, awe, terror, or in some cases all three, some movies stick with you long after the credits roll. Part Police procedural, part thriller, part horror movie, David Fincher’s Seven is one such film. With its star studded cast, including the always …

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