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Attack of the Killer Chickens (2015) – A Fowl Territory Review

In the world of horror, we humans have been attacked by some pretty outrageous things. We’ve been clobbered by killer klowns, destroyed by donuts and bombarded by bunnies. We’ve even lambasted by Lederhosen zombies. However, it’s not every day that we’re pounded by poultry. Genoveva Rossi’s debut horror comedy short, Attack of …

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Karli’s 365 Horror Movie Challenge – Week 2

We’ve finally reached Week 2 of my 365 Horror Movie Challenge! To start at the beginning of the challenge, click here. Unfortunately, they weren’t all winners this week, but they were all interesting nonetheless. Check out this week’s choices below! January 8th – Let The Right One In (Synopsis provided …

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Poultrygeist: A Delicious Thanksgiving Dish of B-Movie Greatness

Yes, I know Thanksgiving is traditionally reserved for turkey, Turkie and Thankskilling (see my Thanksgiving review from last year here). But why restrict yourself to only one type of homicidal bird to satisfy your holiday horror of thanks? This Thanksgiving, indulge yourself in another type of deadly bird by revisiting …

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