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‘Debbie Does Demons’ (2023) Will Possess You – Movie Review

Demons have become one of the more popular subjects in horror over the past seventy years, ranging from dark supernatural possession to gore-laced giallo to comedic spoof. Demons also make great antagonists, as proven in Donald Farmer’s (Shark Exorcist 2015) newest addition to his iconic legacy, Debbie Does Demons. Let’s take …

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Tom Holland’s Comic Book ‘Fright Night’ Sequel Is On Sale Now!

Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles

Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles is a 24-page original comic book based on a story by Tom Holland. It focuses on the further adventures of Peter Vincent (originally played by Roddy McDowall). The comic takes place immediately after the events of the 1985 film and serves as a bridge to …

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