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Horror-Synth Band ‘The Video Nasties’ Release Debut Album

The Video Nasties

The Video Nasties are a horror-synth band based in Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve just sent word that they’ve released their debut album, We Are The Video Nasties. The album features 10 synth-soaked aural nightmares for your Halloween listening pleasure.    Walking the line between new wave and synthwave, the band describe themselves as …

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You’ve Heard Him Somewhere: The Musical Wizardry of Danny Elfman

In addition to his rockin’ band, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman has been a prominent composer and musician for film and television. While the 1980s had its fair share of decent music (especially the punk and new wave stuff), one of the best things to come out of that era was …

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Surprise: IT Musical Announced For 2017!

As if riding the hype train from all the exciting announcements this week regarding the new adapted Stephen King film, Andres Muschietti has revealed that a musical adaptation of IT will be coming, and soon; as close as winter of this year.  “We were actually talking to Stephen [King] about …

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Top 10 Creepy Film Scores by Danny Elfman

May 29th is Danny Elfman’s 63rd Birthday. Before he was known as a premier composer of film scores, he fronted the genre-mocking rock outfit Oingo Boingo; the band mixed punk, ska, and art-house sounds around a macabre aesthetic that borrowed imagery from Dia de los Muertos. They had a huge …

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