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Camera Obscura (2017) Suspenseful and Brutally Intense

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if those words told your death? Or the death of someone you love? All of this and more happens in the new horror thriller Camera Obscura. But does the camera do the killing or is it someone else? Find …

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PopHorror Interviews Aaron B. Koontz, Director of Camera Obscura

Aaron B. Koontz -

Some people just amaze me with how talented they are. You can tell by their projects that they know what they’re doing and can deliver a story in a way that no else can. This can be said about director Aaron B. Koontz. Most know him from his bizarrely wonderful …

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Camera Obscura (2017) Release News

Coming to theaters June 9th and to Digital HD on June 13th is this little indie film called Camera Obscura. It has been getting a lot of buzz from the film festival circuit. Check out the trailer below! From director Aaron B. Koontz (producer of Starry Eyes), who also had …

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Chiller Films Releases ‘Camera Obscura’ This June

Chiller Films is an entertainment brand that is dedicated to providing a variety of new and quality horror. They’re releasing a new horror thriller called Camera Obscura and so far we’re pretty excited about it. Learn more about it down below! Camera Obscura is the first theatrical directing debut by Aaron B. …

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