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Austin Film Festival 2020 Review: Michael Lovan’s ‘Murder Bury Win’ is A Fun Game Of Death

murder bury win

One of the best things about black comedy films is the even balance between humor and suspense. It always gives viewers a tongue and cheek suspense feel while at the same time giving them something to laugh at. This film gave me something to remember it by and that film …

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Austin Film Festival 2020: Interview With ‘Murder Bury Win’ Director Michael Lovan

With an irresistibly brilliant blending of horror and humor, Filmmaker Michael Lovan is beginning to find success on the festival circuit with the flick he lovingly helped bring to fruition, Murder Bury Win. Not only an Official Selection of the Austin Film Festival 2020 but also highlighted as a Staff …

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Interview With Filmmaker Amy Everson, Creator of ‘Felt’

I recently watched Amy Everson’s debut film, Felt, for the second time (you can read my review here), and it was just as powerful the second time around. Perhaps it’s the relevancy of the story with the current #MeToo movement, but I believe it’s because Felt is just a damn good …

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