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Tim Kincaid’s ‘Mutant Hunt’ (1987) Vinegar Syndrome 4k Blu-ray Restoration

In my time spent working on screeners from Vinegar Syndrome, I’ve found that they never cease to impress me. While companies like Criterion focus on the preservation of “the film canon,” VinSyn will preserve lesser known works, many of which remind me of my dad’s assorted VHS collection he had …

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“This Is Absolutely Fascinating…” A Look At Tony Zarrindast’s ‘Werewolf’ (1996)


With the name Werewolf, you’d think Tony Zarrindast’s 1996 film would be the mother of all werewolf stories. Well, it did make quite a litter for itself. How I Met The Beast and Why You Should Meet It, Too Like the vast majority of folks, I first experienced Werewolf¬†through Mystery …

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‘Reptilicus’ (1961): The Only Danish-American Giant Monster Movie


Not only is Reptilicus an early 1960’s Danish-American giant monster movie, it’s apparently the only Danish giant monster movie. How does it hold up? To start with, my first exposure to Reptilicus was through the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival of April 2017. As one might expect, the new guys …

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