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Happy Mother’s Day: The 11 Craziest Moms in Horror

In honor of the special May holiday, I would like to wish all the Moms reading this a very Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re able to kick back, relax, and have a worry-free day…and maybe even indulge in a movie or two. The great thing about the horror genre …

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Mark Cantu’s ‘Massacre Academy’ (2021) Brings Slasher Fans To School – Movie Review

Slasher films are perhaps one of horror’s most hallowed subgenres. Since they first rose to mainstream popularity in the 1980s, we’ve seen decades worth of attempts from filmmakers trying to bring masked serial killers back to prominence. Massacre Academy is the newest entry to that long and luxurious laundry list, …

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‘The Boonies’ (2021): A Backwoods Trail Of Death – Movie Review

There are few more beloved and battle-tested subgenres in horror than the backwoods slasher family. You can’t go wrong with youthful friends out on a celebratory adventure that get hacked up by a bloodthirsty brood. What was once made iconic by The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (read our franchise ranking …

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