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Goredrome Pictures Announces Their February Releases: ‘The Wind,’ ‘Trypophobic Posession,’ And ‘Visions of Filth’

Goredrome Pictures has announced their February releases: The Wind, Trypophobic Posession, and Visions of Filth. The Wind – (aka The Edge of Terror) directed by Nico Mastorakis and starring Meg Foster (They Live), Wings Hauser, and Robert Morley.  Synopsis: The story follows Sian Anderson, a famous mystery author who is …

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Aliens and Consumerism: ‘THEY LIVE’ (1988) Still Kicking Ass at 35

They Live

Celebrating its 35th anniversary, John Carpenter’s They Live keeps kicking reality’s ass and making you question the whole circus of life. This 1988 cult classic is a subversive masterclass, mixing sci-fi, social commentary, and sardonic humor like a cocktail that’ll leave you pondering well into the next century. -Soapbox moment. …

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Two John Carpenter Classics Returning To Theaters This Fall

Two John Carpenter classic films, They Live (1988) and Christine (1983) are returning to theaters this Fall, courtesy of Fathom Events! They Live is celebrating 35 years and Christine is celebrating 40 years, so can you imagine a better time to catch them on the big screen? Where and when …

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Interview With Mena Suvari, Sarah Grey, Alexis Knapp, And Kevin Lewis For ‘The Accursed’

I don’t get it. It may seem like a good idea to move to a remote house in the goddamn middle of nowhere to take care of someone you have never met. And you better go alone because there’s only enough room for one person. And of course, there’s no …

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‘The Accursed’ (2022) Trailer and Poster Art Revealed-Releasing in Theaters and VOD!

The Accursed

Willy’s Wonderland’s director, Kevin Lewis’s follow up film, The Accursed, is set to release in both theaters and VOD. The film stars Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Sarah Grey (Power Rangers), Meg Foster (They Live), and Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect). Let’s check out the poster art and trailer! The Accursed Synopsis: Elly (Sarah Grey) is asked by …

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Rob Zombie’s ’31’ (2016) Blu-ray Steelbook Coming From Lionsgate


Rob Zombie’s ‘31‘ (2006) is coming to Blu-ray from Lionsgate! This all-new Steelbook home video release features new audio commentary and a comprehensive “making of” documentary. With a digital copy to boot. Just in time for Halloween! Read on for the details and pre-order info! Rob Zombie’s ‘31‘ (2016) Synopsis …

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Ten Fun Facts About Rob Zombie’s ’31’ (2016)

Rob Zombie’s 31 is my favorite of his films after Halloween (2007) and The Devils Rejects (2005). Zombie’s films are hit or miss with people; either they hate them or they love them. 31 follows five carnival workers (Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Kevin Jackson, Meg Foster) who …

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