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Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer’s ‘Trick’ (2019) Movie Review

When I first heard about Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer’s latest collaboration, Trick (2019 – read another PopHorror writer’s thoughts here), I was tremendously excited. I have been a fan of Lussier since Dracula 2000 (which I have fond memories of watching with my older sister on VHS) and of …

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‘Dead Sound’ (2018) Is A Great Time – Movie Review

For those looking for a fun new thriller, you can’t go wrong with Tony Glazer’s (Hired 2012) Dead Sound. The film stars Jeff Kober (The Walking Dead TV series), Brett Azar (Terminator Genisys 2015), Sophie Faulkenberry (Alex Strangelove 2018), Noah Gaynor (Luce 2019), Matthew Gumley (Blowtorch 2016), Max Miller (Trick …

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