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Movie Review: ‘Wrong Turn: The Foundation’ (2021): Backwoods Horror With A Twist

Wrong Turn

Many of us grew up with the Wrong Turn franchise, and know that those films hold a special place in our hearts. Although I was hesitant about the announcement for the reimagining of Wrong Turn, the trailer, poster, and stills looked promising. The film was directed by Mike P. Nelson (read …

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Interview With Director Of ‘Wrong Turn (2021),’ Mike P. Nelson

The original Wrong Turn movie ruined camping in the woods for me. Like, ruined it forever. You will not find me exploring the backwoods or traipsing through the trees. We all know this is how horror movies start. If I’m in the woods for three days, I’ve been dead for …

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Ruby Modine, Star of ‘Satanic Panic’ And ‘Happy Death Day,’ Chats With PopHorror!

Through PopHorror, I have been very fortunate to interview many of the people that I love watching on film and television shows. I am appreciative of all of them! However, I must confess, getting the chance to chat with Ruby Modine is a highlight of my journalism career. She exudes …

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47 Meters Down (2017) A Caged Review

When I first saw the trailer for 47 Meters Down, I was really stoked to see the film. One thing, however, that did bring down my spirits was learning that film had actually been released last year but had been pulled from theaters after only a week. Typically, I don’t …

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47 Meters Down Trailer (2017) ‘Open Water’ Meets ‘The Shallows?

47 meters down

In recent years, galeophobia – the fear of sharks – has filled our gorged and bloody hearts with films like the successful Sharknado franchise, last year’s box office smash The Shallows and even 2011’s box office blunder that was Shark Night 3D. All of these movies have tried to dethrone the best, most untouchable shark movie of …

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