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10-Year-Old Dynamo Viva Tolar Introduces Us to Some ‘Killer Kids’

Viva Tolar raising monsters in Sanguino

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It’s a simple enough question, one we’ve all undoubtedly been asked at least once in our lifetimes. It probably shouldn’t be an elusive answer, although for myself personally, I still feel it’s a question that’s gone unanswered. I never really …

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Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016) Movie Review

Dear God No! (2011) is a nasty piece of exploitation cinema that from it’s opening scene to the end credits, left me nauseated. From the aftermath of the rape and murder of a group of nuns to a pregnant woman being raped, stabbed repeatedly, gutted, and her unborn child torn …

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