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‘ILL: Final Contagium’ (2020) Shows Us The True Face Of Evil – Movie Review

John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, James Gunn, and Stuart Gordon are the pivotal names that we imagine when we think about body horror films. They go above and beyond with this gross out horror genre that gets under our skin and terrifies us with the unknown. Although they have earned their …

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Interview with ‘Trauma’ Filmmaker Lucio A. Rojas

Filmmaker Lucio A. Rojas is stunning audiences with his ultra-violent depiction of political and personal madness in the Artsploitation Films release of his movie, Trauma (you can read our review of the film here). It is a relentless spectacle, definitely not suited for the faint of heart or those easily offended, …

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Lucio A. Rojas’ Latest Film, ‘Trauma’ (2017), Will Leave Many Traumatized – Movie Review


Extreme horror is home to the some of the most violent, bloodiest, and controversial films out there. They tend to pack an unprecedented punch to the viewers gut, burning into the memory, leaving a lasting impression. Writer/Director Lucio A. Rojas’ (Perfidy 2014) latest film, Trauma, is no exception to this …

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