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Do Yourself A Favor And Stay Out Of The ‘Shed’ (2019) – Movie Review

It was somewhere between the needlessly long take of a man mourning at his father’s grave and an unrelated phone call ranking the most missed genitals between two-thirds of a three-partner relationship that I knew I was in trouble with Shed. The screener description and the IMDb synopsis are both …

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Aaron Mirtes’ ‘Clowntergeist’ (2017): A Laughing Matter – Movie Review

When I wrote the announcement of Clowntergeist, I stated that this was only the beginning of the slew of clown movies that will inevitably come out this year. Due to the highly anticipated release of the newest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT (read our review here), it was inevitable …

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Deadman Apocalypse: A Painful B-Movie Abomination

Every once in a while, there comes a low-budget gem newly released on RedBox. Unfortunately, Deadman Apocalypse is no such gem. Hoping to uncover a diamond in a chunk of coal, I had no such luck. Finding nothing redeemable about this film, Deadman Apocalypse was so repugnantly horrible that I was …

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