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‘DOOMSDAY’ (2008) – Who Says Post-Apocalyptic Living Can’t Be Fun?

Okay, well maybe not exactly “fun.” I guess it depends on what all you’re into, and badass women and post-apocalyptic marauders happen to be at the top of my list. With some of these retro reviews, I feel like some kind of champion for films that were mostly unloved at …

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Coming Soon to VOD and Digital: Daniel Hernandez Torrado’s ‘Lethal Virus’

Coming soon to VOD and Digital is a new horror/thriller directed by Daniel Hernandez Torrado (Why?!) called Lethal Virus. The film stars Loretta Hope (School Fight), Tomas Paredes (6 Underground), Lee Partridge (The Legion), Christian Stamm (Westworld TVseries), and Ramon Alvarez (Wonder Woman 1984). It will be available on July …

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