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‘Evil Dead Trap’ (1988) Coming To Blu-ray and DVD From Unearthed Films

Evil Dead Trap

The 1988 Japanese slasher Evil Dead Trap is heading to Blu-ray and DVD! The folks at Unearthed Films send word the modern classic is available for Pre-Order now and will hit store shelves soon. And the releases are loaded with special features! Check out the trailer below, then read on …

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Samurai Avenger: The Blind Wolf (2009) Movie Review

I’ve recently had the pleasure of discovering the work of Kurando Mitsutake. He first came to my attention with his latest feature Karate Kill (2016) which I absolutely loved. This lead to me picking up his two other films: Gun Woman (2014) (which I love just as much if not …

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Gun Woman (2014) Movie Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing Kurando Mitsutake’s Karate Kill, which I absolutely loved. After looking up the trailers to his other films, I decided that I needed to check them out ASAP, so I ordered them both immediately. The first one to come in was his 2014 Gun …

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Karate Kill (2017) Movie Review

Awhile back, I reviewed the trailer for Karate Kill, and I thought it looked like a cross between a martial arts film and an exploitation film. The trailer instantly piqued my interest and I have been looking forward to it ever since. Recently, I got the chance to check out …

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