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‘MEGA APE’ (2023) Is Coming Your Way This Fall!

Mega Ape

From the studio that brought you Amityville in Space, The Amazing Bulk, Sharkenstein, Jurassic Shark, and Sharkula, comes MEGA APE! It promises to be the *cough* BIGGEST RELEASE of the Fall! Check out the trailer, then read on for the details! Mega Ape (2023) Synopsis A team of animal rights activists unknowingly release …

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Interview With Titanic Creations’ Mac McClintock

Pophorror had the pleasure of interviewing Mac McClintock of Titanic Creations, who are committed to bringing an affordable range of original and licensed Kaiju collectible figures. The figures, lead by the star Kaiju, Titanicus are supported by graphic novels that tell their stories and build their world. PopHorror: Obviously you’re …

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‘KING KONG’ (1933) at 90: A Great Movie…That People Frequently Accuse of Racism?!

King Kong (1933)

Is King Kong the greatest monster movie of all time? Possibly. It is certainly among the most iconic, and like so many monster flicks to follow, it really involves people venturing to places they probably should not go. In this case, it’s a troubled voyage to Skull Island. The expedition …

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Interview With ‘The Swerve’ Director Dean Kapsalis

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to interview Dean Kapsalis, director of The Swerve (2020 – read our review here) starring Azura Skye (One Missed Call). It was true honor to speak with Dean about his amazing film and feature film debut. PopHorror: Who or what inspired you to become …

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‘The Son of Kong’ (1933) – 85 Years Later

With the revitalization of the King Kong and Godzilla franchises going on with Kong: Skull Island coming out last year and a Godzilla: King of the Monsters movie coming out soon, it’s time to go all the way back to the beginning. The original King Kong came out in 1933 …

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Kong: Skull Island (2017) Movie Review

Finally, a reboot with a unique story. The original King Kong (1933) was one of the greatest monster movies ever made. It spawned not one, but two remakes telling pretty much the same story. A filmmaker wants to shoot animals so he travels with a large crew to a remote island where …

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King Kong (1933) – Retro Review

Eighty-four years ago, a movie directed by Merian C. Cooper hit the big screen and completely changed the course of American history. That movie was King Kong. What can be said about this masterpiece of a movie? A lot. To this day with remakes, reboots, merchandise and video games, King …

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