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Horror Takes Over Comic Con LA – Event Recap

The Los Angeles Convention Center housed another fan packed event this past weekend. Comic Con LA was an exciting comic, gaming, sci-fi and pop culture convention interlaced with horror elements, including cosplay, artists, vendors and guest appearances. Here are some highlights from the panels. Crypt TV Gives A Sneak Peek …

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‘Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan’ Three Decades Later – Retro Review

July 28, 2019 marked the 30th anniversary of Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. The film took us out of Camp Crystal Lake and small town scenery of the previous F13 films, and placed our unwilling participants on a wild boat ride trapped with one of the creepiest, …

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MezcoToyz Announce Jason Voorhees ‘F13 II’ Living Dead Dolls

Friday the 13th: Part II is one of my favorites of the franchise. It’s the first film that features Jason himself as the deranged killer. It’s also before he gets his infamous hockey mask and machete. In this film, he wears just a sack with one eye cut out that’s …

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Jason Voorhees Statue Found at the Bottom of a Minnesota Lake!

Jason Lives

The horror community is a great and dedicated community. If you are a Friday the 13th fan (and who isn’t, really?), you will love this story. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, a fan installed a statue of Jason Voorhees at the bottom of a popular diving site in Minnesota, recreating …

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Spend the Night at Jason Voorhees’ First Stomping Ground This April!

First opened in 1927, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is the oldest active and thriving Boy Scout Camp located in New Jersey. In 1979, it was the filming grounds for a little horror movie called Friday the 13th: Part 1. Heard of it? The camp is currently closed to the public, but they …

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If anyone asks you to name Rob Zombie’s filmography, I can almost guarantee there’s one entry you’ll completely overlook or haven’t even heard of: his animated fifth flick, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. “Beasto” (Tom Papa) is a masked wrestler with a giant ego and a world-famous man of …

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