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‘2LDK’ (2003) Coming To Blu-ray and DVD in 2022 From Unearthed Films

2LDK (2003)

2LDK (2003) is an award-winning Japanese film, directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi as part of the Duel Project. The film stars Maho Nonami and Eiko Koike as two female roommates, locked in an ever-escalating duel to the death. It looks dark and fun as hell and it’s coming to Blu-ray for …

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‘Evil Dead Trap’ (1988) Coming To Blu-ray and DVD From Unearthed Films

Evil Dead Trap

The 1988 Japanese slasher Evil Dead Trap is heading to Blu-ray and DVD! The folks at Unearthed Films send word the modern classic is available for Pre-Order now and will hit store shelves soon. And the releases are loaded with special features! Check out the trailer below, then read on …

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Review of ‘Uzumaki (Spiral)’ (2000) – A New Level in J-Horror

“Curse of the Spiral – The Fingerprint of Life.” Uzumaki is one of my personal favorite J-Horror films, and I’ve seen it numerous times. This is a unique, weird, creepy tale indeed, and makes us aware of how nature affects us in many complex ways – on several levels of …

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Interview with Shinsuke Sato, the Japanese Director of ‘Bleach’

I’m extremely excited to have had the opportunity to interview the amazing Japanese director, Shinsuke Sato. Being a fan of Japanese cinema and culture, I was thrilled to delve into the creations of Shinsuke Sato, a man renowned and highly respected for both writing and directing I Am a Hero …

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‘Gantz’ (2010) – A Japanese Manga Adaptation

“Fight against the aliens.” I’m an huge fan of Japanese cinema, and the film Gantz (2010) is at the top of my list. If you thought that Hollywood was the only one tapping into comic books to gather their inspiration and material for films, you’re highly mistaken. Japan has a rich culture …

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Slit (2016 Horror Short) – Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I love horror shorts and I also love supporting women in the horror industry. Therefore, in honor of Women in Horror Month, I’ve been researching and watching films made by women or with strong women leads. One of them that I came across was the Japanese horror short Slit (2016). Slit was …

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