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‘Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction’ Now on Amazon Prime!

Beyond Belief

Are you ready for some exciting nostalgic news?! Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction is now streaming Amazon Prime – yes, all 45 episodes! The show aired for four seasons on Fox, beginning in May 1997 through September 2002. The series was hosted by James Brolin in season one and by Jonathan Frakes in seasons two, three …

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The Amityville Horror: The Murders and the Myth 38 Years Later

The Amityville Horror

On July 27, 1979, The Amityville Horror was unleashed onto the world. Much hype was involved leading up the movie’s release, due to the fact that the story of Amityville was based on true events! Whether you believe this or not, The Amityville Horror remains a terrifying film that has …

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10 Of The Best Badass Beards in Horror Movies

There are two things that I love to see: a great horror flick and a nice beard. So why not combine the two and take a look at some of the most badass beards in horror? Starting the list is… Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper in Jaws (1975) Hooper’s curly …

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