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Jacquie Lantern Terrifies Horror Fans In Her Pennywise Makeup!

Makeup artist Jacquie Lantern is one of the hottest up and comers in the world of make up and special effects. Having been featured on Crypt TV, she continues to push her skills to the max. Whenever a major horror film comes out, Jacquie challenges herself to recreate something incredibly …

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New Trailer for ‘The Houses October Built 2’!

The cult hit franchise The Houses October Built has released a full trailer for part two. The trailer seems to pick up right where part one left off. Kind of a bummer with a spoiler as we see what happens to Brandy, but this next installment looks way more intense …

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Get Buried Alive in ‘The Houses October Built 2’ Teaser

If you are claustrophobic, look away now. After the success of 2014’s cult horror hit The Houses October Built, director Bobby Roe is about to bring us part two of the indie horror franchise. This is no normal teaser trailer, but it is a crazy 360 video. I don’t know …

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