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GenreBlast 2023: Shorts Blast #3 “The Accursed Hat Trick”- Shorts Review


I am a fan of short films. Some of the best horror films I’ve seen have been short films. I was intrigued and looking forward to seeing the GenreBlast 2023 block of shorts, The Accursed Hat Trick. The description of the block was right up my alley. Three long shorts …

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Trevor Juenger Has Brought Something New and Terrifying With ‘The Man In Room 6’ (2022) – Movie Review

Do you want a great, mind-bending, psychological thriller that will make your skin crawl and have you contemplating the real meaning of death? The Man In Room 6 is a rollercoaster of a film will enlighten and thrill you from each scene, but be wary; do NOT turn your eyes …

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