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“Scream Queens” And The Fans That Love Them. Let The Debate Begin!

The “Scream Queen.” How often does this shopworn term get arbitrarily thrown around? For a while it seemed that any actress with two or three genre credits was tagging themselves with the moniker (for transparency’s sake, when I got my third genre credit, I started referring to myself as “Scream …

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Shout! Factory Is Taking You To ‘The House That Dripped Blood!’

Terror waits for you in every room in The House That Dripped Blood. The 1971 British horror anthology is coming home to Blu-ray at last from Shout! Factory. You know what that means: a host of great special features! Whether it’s a first time viewing or you’re a long time …

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The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Hammer Horror

It was 58 years ago this weekend that Hammer Films released one of their earliest successes: The Horror of Dracula. The film would go on to inspire more than just a few sequels and helped establish Hammer as premier creators of top-notch cinematic terror. Hammer Films is a British production …

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