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‘American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock’ (2016) Movie Review

If you’re reading this in order from my published Unearthed Films’ American Guinea Pig reviews, you’ll already know that each stand alone film within the series is next level horror. If you need a recap, read my review for Sacrifice here and Guts and Gore here. If not, no worries! …

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‘American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore’ (2014) Movie Review

When I first unknowingly stumbled into the Unearthed Films’ American Guinea Pig series, it was with Stephen Biro’s possession feature,¬†Song of Solomon (read our review here). The gruesome practical effects matching Jessica Cameron’s devilish performance along with that infamous vomit scene made this feature an instant indie hit. How much …

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‘American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice’ (2017) Movie Review

There is no denying that body horror has its place in this genre. Gruesome display of blood, guts, intestines and disfigurement can purposefully increase discomfort among horror audiences. While we once thought mainstream American filmmakers were pushing the limits with the birth of torture porn, we were sadly mistaken when …

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