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New Trailers For Mark Savage’s Gritty Action Flick, ‘Bring Him Back Dead’

Anyone who’s read my review of Mark Savage’s film, Painkiller (2021), knows how much I love that film. Bringing to light the opioid crisis and combining it with a passionate, pissed off avenger who will do anything to try and quell the grief of his daughter’s passing was exactly what …

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Interview with Max Wasa: A Life in the Arts

Living out a passion to the point of feeling fulfilled and whole is something many of us strive for, but many fall short of this achievement for one reason or another. One multitalented entertainment industry professional finding her way to fulfillment from an early age is Max Wasa. As a …

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Movie Review – Astro (2018): An Intergalactic Conspiracy

Ever since the conception of Mary Shelley’s timeless classic, Frankenstein, the horror genre has often played with the idea of reversing the roles of monster and human, defining what truly constitutes humanity. Director Asif Akbar (Smoke-Filled Lungs) applies this concept to extraterrestrial life in his recently released sci-fi thriller, Astro. …

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s ‘Astro’ is Coming This June!

astro still

When I first read the synopsis for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Astro, I wasn’t too impressed, as it sounded like a handful of other sci-fi films that I’ve seen a million times before. However, after checking out the cast and watching the trailer, I’m now definitely intrigued. Check out the trailer below! This new …

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